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AAtlético Madrid - Madrid-based football club that plays in La Liga
Angela Merkel - German politician and Chancellor
Autumn - Also called Fall, a season marking transition from summer into winter
BBashar al-Assad - President of Syria
Bob Hoskins - English actor popular for his roles as Cockneys and gangsters
Boston Red Sox - Professional Baseball team based in Boston
CChile - A country in South American
Chris Christie - American attorney and politician
Carbon dioxide - Chemical compound formed with two Oxygen and one Carbon atoms
DDavid Moyes - Former Scottish football player and manager
Darya Domracheva - Belarus Olympic Gold-medal Biathlon Athlete
Dario Cologna - Swiss Olympic Gold-medal Cross-Country Athlete
EEmil Hegle Svendsen - Norwegian Biathlon Athlete
Earthworm - Segmented animal found in soil
Easter - Christian festival and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ
FFelix Loch - German Olympic Gold-medal winning Luge Athlete
Frog - Short-bodied, tailless amphibian
Francois Hollande - 24th and Current President of France
GGeorge Alexander Louis - His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge
Gisele Bundchen - Brazilian fashion model, film actress and producer
Google Nexus 4 - Fourth Nexus-branded Android smartphone from Google
HHamas - Palestinian Sunni Islamic organization
Hugo Chavez - Former President of Venezuela
Hugh Jackman - Australian actor and producer
IIran - A Western Asian Country
Insurance - Equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment
iOS - Mobile operating system developed by Apple
JJayalalithaa Jayaraman - Jayalalithaa Jayaraman was a former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
Jim Flaherty - Former Canadaian Federal Minister of Finance
Joergen Graabak - Norwegian Nordic Combined Athlete
KKansas - US State located in Midwestern United States
Kathleen Sebelius - American politician
Kamil Stoch - Polish Ski-jumper
LLos Angeles Dodgers - Professional baseball team located in Los Angeles
Lil Wayne - American hip hop recording artist
Las Vegas - Most populous city in the US state of Nevada
MMTV Movie Awards - Annual movie awards presented on MTV
Malaysia Airlines - Flag carrier airline of Malaysia
Mefenamic acid - Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain
NNigeria - West African nation
Narendra Modi - Indian Politician and Prime Ministerial Candidate for the BJP
Natalie Geisenberger - German Olympic Gold-medal winning Luge Athlete
OOklahoma - A state in South Central United States
Ole Einar Bjoerndalen - Norwegian Biathlon Athlete
Oregon - State in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States
PPulitzer Prize - US Award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature, and musical composition
Pennsylvania - One of the 50 states of the USA
Paracetamol - Commonly used pain reliever and fever reducer
QQingfeng Lin - Chinese Men's 69kg Weightlifter
Quran - Central religious text of Islam
Quebec - Province in east-central Canada
RRobert John Downey Junior - American actor
Ros Bates - Australian politician from Queensland
Rafael Benítez - Football manager and former player
SSolomon Islands - Island nation in the Oceania
Solar eclipse - An Eclipse that occurs Moon passes between the Sun and Earth
Stomach - A organ of the digestion system
TTony Abbott - 28th Prime Minister of Australia
Tina Maze - Slovenian Alpine Skiing Athlete
Tobias Arlt - German Olympic Gold-medal Luge Athlete
UUrska Zolnir - Slovenian Women's Judoka
Un Guk Kim - North Korean Men's 62kg Weightlifter
Ugo Legrand - French Men's 73kg Judoka
VVolkswagen - German automobile manufacturer
Vishnu - Hindu God, One amongst the three supreme Gods of Hinduism
Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot - Kenyan Women's 10,000m Sport Runner
WWinter - Coldest season of the year in temperate climates
Warren Weir - Jamaican Athlete
Will Claye - American Men's Triple Jumper
XXiaoxiang Dai - Chinese Men's Archer
Xiaoxia Li - Chinese Women's Table Tennis player
Xiaojun Lu - Chinese Men's 77kg Weightlifter
YYemen - West Asian country
Yang Saing Koma - Cambodian agricultural scientist
Ying Chen - Chinese Women's Air Pistol Shooter
ZZoltan Kammerer - Hungarian Sport Kayak
Zhe Feng - Chinese Men's Gymnast
Zulfiya Chinshanlo - Kazakh Women's 53kg Weightlifter

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